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What Is Tungsten Carbide?

Tungsten carbide generally refers to tungsten carbide powder, namely Tungsten Carbide Powder TCP; In daily life, some people also use Tungsten Cemented Carbide as tungsten carbide, which actually refers to tungsten carbide sintered products or tungsten carbide steel products.

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Tungsten carbide powder is a compound composed of tungsten and carbon, which is formed after carbonization of metal tungsten. The phase equilibrium system of tungsten carbide and carbon is quite complex, including three forms of compounds, namely W2C, WC α- WCx-1。 Tungsten carbides formed by compounds with equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms have two compounds with clear characteristics, namely WC and semi-tungsten carbide W2 ç. In daily work, we generally call it tungsten carbide (WC), which generally refers to a tungsten carbide powder, its molecular formula is WC, and its molecular weight is 195.85.

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