Tungsten Disulfide Flake

Tungsten disulfide flake (WS2)has layered structure similar to graphite, in which the inner layer has very strong covalent bond, while weak van der Waals forces Falls exists between the layers; and the layers are easily peeled off with good anisotropy and low friction coefficient. The base surface of tungsten disulfide flake powder is parallel with the material surface, and this nano-platelet morphology can greatly improve the lubricating effect of WS2, therefore to become the best lubricating effect of the solid lubricant.

tungsten disulfide flake picturetungsten disulfide flake structure image

Synthesis methods of tungsten disulfide flake are mainly hydrothermal, thermal decomposition, high-temperature gas-solid reaction, vapor deposition, solid-phase reaction method ect.. The preparation of flake WS2 is general by the direct synthesis of tungsten trioxide (WO3) and S powder; or the vulcanization of tungsten trioxide precursors in H2 S or S vapor; also, the way in the oxidizing conditions to synthesize tungsten powder and sulfur powder under 600~800°C can also get it.

Tungsten disulfide flake as a typical transition metal sulfide, has unique properties, and is widely used in the fields of solid lubricant, desulfurization catalyst, and elastic coating, hydrogen storage and lithium electrode storage material, catalytic hydrogenation ect..

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