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Tungsten Oxide Semiconductor Cell

Semiconductor Cell

Tungsten oxide (WO3) semiconductor cell is due to the optical, electrical and semiconductor property of tungsten oxide. WO3 transition metal semiconductor material with n type structure determines its application in gas sensor, photocatalyst, electrochromism, photochromicm.

Tungsten oxide semiconductor cell preparation method: Use tungsten oxide as raw material, add conductive agent, additive, activator and organic polymer film forming agent to form tungsten oxide semiconductor cell sizing agent. Then inject semiconductor cell sizing agent into electrode. After drying, seal and tungsten oxide semiconductor cell is obtained.

1.Semiconducting chemical effect: Two different work function metal Pt electrode occurs electric transition.
2.Photoelectric effect: Tungsten oxide semiconductor cell under sunlight, the voltage increases apparently.
3.Pyroelectric effect: Within a certain temperature (5-100℃), voltage of cell increases with temperature.

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