Hydrogen Production Equipment

Hydrogen Ammonia Decomposition Furnace For Reduction

The ammonia decomposition gas generator takes liquid ammonia as raw material, vaporizes in the vaporizer after pressure reduction through the liquid ammonia pressure reducing valve, and then enters the decomposition furnace. The decomposition furnace is equipped with activated nickel catalyst, which is decomposed at 800 ℃~850 ℃. After decomposition, the high-temperature gas is heat exchanged with gaseous ammonia in the heat exchanger, and the decomposition gas is cooled. The gaseous ammonia recovers heat and heats up before entering the decomposition furnace for decomposition, At the same time, 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen are obtained. It can be used as shielding gas in the annealing of sheet, wire, coil and standard parts in black, nonferrous and mechanical industries.

Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Production Furnace

Ammonia Decomposition Hydrogen Production Furnace Photo

Hydrogen Production by Electrolysis

Hydrogen production by water electrolysis is a convenient method to produce hydrogen. When a direct current is applied to an electrolytic cell filled with electrolyte, the water molecules will react electrochemically on the electrode and decompose into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen production technologies of electrolytic water mainly include alkaline water electrolysis (AE), proton exchange membrane electrolysis (PEME) and solid oxide electrolysis (SOE). In the field of electrolyzed water technology in China, the industrial application state is dominated by AE hydrogen production, supplemented by PEME hydrogen production technology. Among them, the number of AE hydrogen production equipment in China ranks first in the world. As the hydrogen production by electrolysis of water with renewable energy is expected to become the mainstream hydrogen production method in the future, the hydrogen production technology by alkaline electrolysis of water is gradually developing towards the direction of large capacity.

Water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment is widely used in power, electronics, energy, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, building materials, aerospace and other industries, especially for powder metallurgy smelting and reduction requiring hydrogen atmosphere. The common small hydrogen production equipment is mainly ammonia decomposition hydrogen production. The hydrogen production with high purity requirements requires a complete set of water electrolysis hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen purification equipment and gas post-treatment purification equipment. Such equipment is generally divided into economic hydrogen production equipment, container type (mobile) hydrogen production equipment, vehicle mounted mobile hydrogen production equipment, etc.

Container Hydrogen Production Equipment

Container Hydrogen Production Equipment Photo

Mobile Hydrogen Production Station

Mobile Hydrogen Production Station Photo

Electrolytic Water Hydrogen Production Equipment

Electrolytic Water Hydrogen Production Equipment Photo

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