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Crystalline Tungsten Powder Production Process

The main raw material for the production of crystalline tungsten powder is generally blue tungsten, and yellow tungsten is also used as raw material. Compared with yellow tungsten, blue tungsten has the characteristics of complex powder particle shape, large specific surface, easy reduction and easy control of powder strength, etc. Blue tungsten has good chemical activity and has the ability to quickly exchange ions in solution.

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According to the special performance requirements of crystalline tungsten powder, the basic production process of using blue tungsten oxide as raw material to produce crystalline tungsten powder is as follows: adding alkali metal, mixing ingredients, performing hydrogen reduction in a molybdenum wire furnace, and ball milling the obtained crystalline tungsten powder. It is washed with a quantitative solvent, and finally dried, sieved, and batched, and packed after being tested to meet the requirements.

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