Reproduced Tungsten Carbide Powder

Reproduced Tungsten Carbide Powder Photo

Reproduced tungsten carbide powder refers to that has carried out ball milling or the unqualified hard alloy, and through further processing in the production of raw materials for processing alloys. The property of reproduced tungsten carbide powder is far worse than the native tungsten carbide powder, and generally only can be used to prepare low-grade alloy products.

The appearance of reproduced tungsten carbide powder should be gray-black powder, clean, dry and evenly, without lumps, no visual visible impurities. Size required to go through pore size of 150um sieve, weight of sieve powder does not exceed 50%.

According to different raw materials, reproduced tungsten carbide powder can be divided into four grades of WCH-1, WCH-2, WCH-3, WCH-4. WCH-1 refers to top hammer, pressure cylinder class of reproduced tungsten carbide powder, WCH-2 represents the roll ring class of reproduced tungsten carbide powder, WCH-3 represents YG class reproduced tungsten carbide powder, WCH-4 class represents YT class reproduced tungsten carbide powder.

Reproduced tungsten carbide powder should be free of rain, moisture in the transportation, and ensured the clean transport vehicles; in the handling process, it can not roll inverted and violent collision, and damage to the sealed packaging of the products should be prevented; stored in dry, ventilated, acid-free alkaline environment to prevent being oxidized and stored for no more than six months.

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