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Sodium Tungstate Solution

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Sodium tungstate solution is an aqueous solution of solid sodium tungstate, the raw material of ammonium paratungstate (APT), ammonium metatungstate (AMT) and tungsten trioxide (WO3). Sodium tungstate is colorless or white crystalline side ramps crystal, slightly soluble in ammonia, insoluble in ethanol, weathering in dry air. Sodium tungstate dissolved in water with the solubility of 74.2 g/100mL, and sodium tungstate solution is slightly alkaline.

Configuration of Sodium Tungstate Solution

The configuration of sodium tungstate solution is using the water-soluble of sodium tungstate, according to the desired concentration to weight appropriate solid sodium tungstate and dissolve into the appropriate water, then stir to completely dissolve. Water-soluble of sodium tungstate means sodium tungstate molecules go into the gaps among the molecules of water to form a stable, homogeneous solution, which can be seen as the liquid volume did not change before and after the dissolution. Assumption that the density of sodium tungstate is 1.2g/cm3, if we use 20L of water with the density of 1.0g/cm3, then we need 4kg of solid sodium tungstate; and the mass ratio of water and sodium tungstate in the resulting solution is 5:1.

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