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What Is the Carbon Content of Tungsten Carbide Powder?

The theoretical carbon content of WC is 6.128% (atomic 50%), and the industry often says 6.13% of total carbon. When the carbon content of WC is greater than the theoretical carbon content, free carbon (Free Carbon FC) will appear in WC. The existence of free carbon causes the WC grains around it to grow up during sintering, resulting in the uneven grains of cemented carbide. Tungsten carbide generally requires high combined carbon (≥ 6.07%), free carbon (≤ 0.05%), and total carbon depends on the production process and use range of cemented carbide. Under normal conditions, the total carbon of WC for vacuum sintering of paraffin process mainly depends on the content of combined oxygen in the briquette before sintering. With one part of oxygen, 0.75 parts of carbon should be added, that is, WC total carbon=6.13%+oxygen content% × 0.75 (assuming that the sintering furnace is in neutral atmosphere, in fact, most vacuum furnaces are in carburizing atmosphere, and the total WC carbon used is less than the calculated value).

At present, the total carbon content of WC in China is roughly divided into three types: the total carbon of WC for vacuum sintering of paraffin process is about 6.18 ± 0.03% (free carbon will increase). The total carbon content of WC for hydrogen sintering in paraffin process is 6.13 ± 0.03%. WC total carbon for hydrogen sintering in rubber process=5.90 ± 0.03%. The above processes are sometimes carried out alternately, so the determination of WC total carbon depends on the specific situation. The total carbon of W used in alloys with different range of use, different Co (cobalt) content and different grain size can be slightly adjusted. Tungsten carbide with high total carbon can be selected for low cobalt alloy, while tungsten carbide with low total carbon can be selected for high cobalt alloy. In a word, the specific use requirements of cemented carbide vary with the grain size of tungsten carbide.

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