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Tungsten trioxide has similar molecular structure as aluminum oxide; there is a study on the new ruby laser, which takes aluminum oxide doping with chromium oxide, molybdenum trioxide, tungsten trioxide as laser emission source. And it indicates that this laser has a stronger laser emission intensity to emit super-energy laser.

Tungsten Trioxide and Coal

Coal, coal mines, the black or dark brown minerals, is the buried in the ground of ancient plant under the conditions of air-impermeable or insufficient air, and also suffered the underground high temperature and pressure to deteriorate for years. There are a lot of toxic gases in coal combustion exhaust, such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide, CO, etc. which can not be discharged into the atmosphere before going through the exhaust gas cleaner and meeting the emission standards. Tungsten trioxide as co-catalyst to play carrier sintering resistance, anti-alkali metal and sulfur poisoning in SCR denitration catalyst, thus enhances the efficiency of denitrification.

Tungsten Trioxide Reacts with Carbon

Tungsten trioxide (chemical formula of WO3) is an important intermediate from the tungsten mine to elemental tungsten. Carbon reduction of tungsten trioxide preparing tungsten powder is one of the extraction processes. The smelting process involves two steps: The first step to prepare WO3 in processing tungsten ore with alkali; the second step to give the metal tungsten with a carbon or hydrogen reduction of tungsten trioxide, the reaction equation is as follow:
2WO3+3C →2W+3CO2

Tungsten Trioxide and Iron

Tungsten trioxide has catalytic property, and is the most promising photocatalyst. However, the single component of tungsten trioxide is poor in catalytic property and has low photocatalytic activity, so, how to enhance its photocatalytic activity by the modification of WO3 semiconductor material has become an hot spot of important technology.

Metal-doped is a common method to improve the performance of photocatalyst. Iron oxide is one of the most common compound in nature, the researchers found that the incorporation of iron oxide and tungsten can combine i^nton reaction and semiconductor photocatalytic, and to greatly improve the photocatalytic efficiency. Compared to pure tungsten oxide and iron oxide, the resulting photocatalyst has several times in improving the ultraviolet and visible light catalytic activity.

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