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Nanometer Tungsten Powder

Characterization of Nanometer Tungsten Powder

Three types of nanometer tungsten powder were prepared by hydrogen reduction of three precursor powders at low temperatures, which were used as examples and were characterized by Brunauer-Emmer-Teller (BET) method, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) microscopy transmission electron microscopy (TEM), the scattering angle X-ray small (SAXS), issuing of the field of scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), respectively. The results showed that while SEM and BET would not characterize the size of dust particles of nanometers, they were important means to help to exclude (FESEM), respectively. no post-nanometer (FESEM), respectively . TEM and FESEM could directly measure the size of particle nanometers, but it needs much time to count the average particle size and size distribution. SAXS could not describe the state of agglomeration. Through a combination of FESEM and SAXS, the particle size, size distribution and particle shape of nanometer powders could be accurately characterized.

Characterization and application fields: nano tungsten powder can be used as additive materials for high density alloy and tungsten bar and wire, and as the matrix of superhard material, It also can be used as raw material for tungsten-rhenium alloy and tungsten carbide, and as the time-delay powder of safety explosive material, and as the combustible agent for explosive industry.

Packing: In sealed plastic bags with outer iron drums of 100/200 kgs net each.

If you have any interest in nanometer tungsten powder, please feel free to contact us by email: or by telephone: +86 592 5129696.


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