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Yellow Tungsten Oxide

Tungsten oxide is used for the production of tungsten metal powder or as compound and pigment for ceramics. Two commercial grades are available:
    1. Tungsten Blue Oxide WO2.97 has a deep blue colour.
    2. Tungsten yellow oxide WO3 has a yellow to bright green colour.

                                yellow tungsten oxide,tungsten trioxide        yellow tungsten oxide,tungsten trioxide

Yellow tungsten oxide (WO3 - YELLOW OXIDE) is a finely divided, yellow crystalline powder. It is produced by roasting ammonium paratungstate at closely controlled temperatures to drive off combined water and or water and ammonia. Exact time and temperature control determines, to a large extent, the physical characteristics of the tungsten oxide.

  • Chemical Formula: WO3-x
  • Shape and properties: Yellow powder,keeping stable in the atmospheric temperature
  • Physical properties:
        Products passing 60 mesh screen
        Apparent density: 2.3~2.8g/cm3

Yellow tungsten oxide(WO3) used as material for tungsten oxide nanowires:

Tungsten oxide nanowires were prepared by a vapor transport method using yellow tungsten oxide powder as a raw material. The crystal structure and morphology of WO3 nanowires were investigated by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy. The obtained nanowires were hexagonal WO3. The major factors that influenced the morphology were the furnace temperature and the substrate position. The diameter of the nanowires decreased as the distance of the substrate from the raw material increased. Sensors were fabricated by pouring a few drops of nanowire-suspended ethanol onto oxidized Silicon substrates equipped with a pair of interdigitated Pt electrodes. The sensor made of the nanowires as thin as 50 nm showed the highest response to NO2 at a low operating temperature of 100 °C. The temperature dependence of the response was discussed in relation to the formation of NO2− and NO3− ions on the surface of WO3. The response slightly increased with decreasing diameter if the nanowires are regional depleted in NO2, while it largely increased if the nanowires are in volume depletion. A theoretical calculations based on assumptions were proposed in order to clarify the correlation between the nanowire response and their diameter.






 5.Packing:In iron drum lined with plastic bags or cloth bags of 100/200kgs net each.
Note:Other requirements shall be discussed in details.

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