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Tungsten Oxide Types

There are four main tungsten oxide types. Blue tungsten oxide which shorted for BTO, yellow tungsten oxide which shorted for YTO, violet tungsten oxide which is shorted for called VTO and tungsten dioxide are all called tungsten oxide. Blue tungsten oxide and yellow tungsten oxide are more regular products than violet tungsten oxide and tungsten dioxide. Because the chemical formula of yellow tungsten oxide is WO3, it also is called tungsten trioxide. Therefore, when people say tungsten oxide, it usually means blue tungsten oxide, whose chemical formula is WO2.9.

The main specification of four tungsten oxide as following:
A/blue tungsten oxide, BTO, dark blue, WO2.9, 12~19um, 99.95%;
B-a/yellow tungsten oxide, YTO, WO3, yellow-green, 12~20um, 99.95%; which is prepared from APT;
B-b/yellow tungsten oxide, YTO, WO3, bright yellow, 0.8~1.6um, 99.90%, which is prepared from tungstic acid;
C/ violet tungsten oxide, VTO, WO2.72, dark violet, 10~19um, 95%;
D/tungsten dioxide, brown tungsten oxide, WO2, brown.

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